Death Note the Movie, Re-made.

Hijacked from Japanprobe.com and dannychoo.com.

I know that this is already tired, old news for most of my readers, but I feel like I really need to state my opinion about this tragic turn of events. Vertigo Entertainment (The Ring, The Grudge, Shutter, etc.) has officially announced their decision to develop a re-make of the Death Note live-action movie. The film's cast will no-doubt be packed with irritating Hollywood screen actors; some unconfirmed internet sources have already named-- Zac Efron and Johnny Depp (* gag *). Since Death Note is one of my favourite stories of all time, this one really rubs me the wrong way.

Regular readers of my blog already know how I hate these American re-makes of Japanese films/anime/manga. The stories are almost always over-westernised and wind up being total hack jobs that contribute nothing to the originals nor do anything to honour the stories' creators. I really don't understand what it is that causes Hollywood writers and producers from coming up with their own innovations and new ideas. I wonder if maybe it's just a lot cheaper to rip off other ideas rather than create their own. If that's true, it's OK with me, but they should keep their hands off of these truly incredible works of art and focus on other piece of crap movies that are more likely to be *improved* by re-makes rather than violated by them.

Like I have said before, I'm through with big, money-hoarding Hollywood productions-- they are mostly big piles of garbage IMO, and I want nothing to do with them. Vertigo Entertainment, you can kiss my BUTT! I hate you.

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