Sad news from the motherland.

Just 2.5 hours ago, a crazed lunatic attacked a crowd of people in the middle of Akihabara ("Electric Town," Tokyo). At half-past noon (Japan time), 25-year-old Kato Tomohiro of Shizuoka Prefecture sped a 2-tonne rental truck into the intersection of Chuo-dori and Kanda Myojin-dori, hitting several people. The man then proceeded to jump out of his truck and go on a stabbing spree with a 12in / 36cm survival knife. Having occurred at 12:30 Tokyo time, on a Sunday, the streets were closed to vehicle traffic and filled with crowds of fellow otaku, shoppers and tourists. The attacker was subdued and arrested on the scene, but in the aftermath 17 people were taken to area hospitals, 5 of which are confirmed dead at this time. Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Kato may have had ties to a Yakuza crime syndicate.

A very sad, sad day indeed for the victims, the poor families of those who died, for our beloved paradise, Akiba. This is depressing.


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