"Memories of Nobody" is totally kick-ass!

I just came back from seeing Bleach: "Memories of Nobody." First impression-- WOW! This is an excellent movie! I had such a great time!!

First of all, the U.S. showing of the film starts off with an introduction by Viz Media in which the voice actors, editors and production crew give a tour of Viz and explain the details of how their manga and anime films are translated for western audiences. This was a pretty kool way to build up our appetites for the main feature.

Then we get to the movie, which is absolutely amazing. The story is extremely well-written and very exciting-- packed full of action, feeling and well-placed comedy. There are a number of things that made the movie so excellent (besides Matsumoto Rangiku's (松本 乱菊) huge boobs). Some unique plots and character developments are particularly thrilling for fans of the Bleach series-- most notably: an astoundingly-strong team cohesiveness amongst Soul Society Squad Members, a demonstration of Rukia's awesome and relatively unseen Soul Reaper abilities and some uplifting Kuchiki (朽木) sibling camaraderie between Byakuya (白哉) and Rukia (ルキア)!

Finally, what made seeing this great film even more enjoyable was seeing it on a big screen with an audience of other anime fans who were just as enthusiastic about the movie as I was-- something I've never experienced before tonight. I am very glad I went to see it.

One thing's for sure-- it is not necessary to be a fan of the Bleach manga/anime series to enjoy this excellent movie. The story is unique and specific to the movie and the great story allows the characters to stand on their own without previous knowledge of their history. That being said-- you have one more day! Go out and see it-- you won't be sorry!! Check out the Viz Media official movie website to find out where you can see it!

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