Death Note - Figures part 4

Alright-- I saved the best for last! This is Ryuk (リューク), the Shinigami who started this whole story when he dropped his Death Note from the Shinigami Realm down to earth as a way to combat his boredom. Dropping his Death Note down to Earth also served to allow him passage to the Human Realm where he can enjoy his favourite snack-- apples from the Human Realm.

Ryuk is my favourite character in the Death Note series. Although he plays an essential, central role in Obha Tsugumi's (大場 つぐみ) story, he is only loosely connected to the human main characters. His interaction with the other characters in the story is neither helpful to them nor harmful. Ryuk is basically here, in the Human Realm, for his own amusement and interest. According to Shinigami law, he is bound to the human who is in possession of his Death Note, but his participation in human life extends almost no further than making keen observations and adding the occasional witty remark. Humans are very interesting indeed, Ryuk!

He came to us from the Shinigami Realm by way of JUN Planning and has an astonishingly realistic appearance. When you look at him, he can see your name and life-span floating above your head. I think he's super-cool, and I'm so glad he's here!

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