Death Note - Figures part 3

Today I want to show you the lovely Amane Misa (弥 海砂). Misa Misa is a model and also the girlfriend of Yagami Light (夜神 月). She is the owner of a Death Note and came to know Light through her utter devotion to and admiration of Light's life-mission. Obha Tsugumi's (大場 つぐみ) story gives Misa a primary role in the story, and as the owner of a Death Note, much of the plot and story-development revolves around her. On the surface, Misa seems to have many of the highly-generalised qualities of a ditzy schoolgirl, but oftentimes demonstrates her own brand of clever craftiness and ingenuity. Her beauty and moe moeeee qualities make her very popular with the fellas, both in the story and also among us fans.

Just like Yagami Light and L Lawliet, Misa comes to us from RAH (Real Action Heroes) and looks just great! She's one of the favourites in my collection.

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