Grand Theft Auto IV kicks ass!

This is the game series that I have always enjoyed the most. The latest, Grand Theft Auto IV, was released this past Tuesday so of course I HAD to get my copy that very day. It's now day 3 and I've been playing every day after work for an average of 3 hours per evening. I'm really getting into it and the stories are now starting to get really interesting! This is definitely the best GTA release so far. My favourite, up until now, was GTA San Andreas. IV definitely has a new and unique twist that takes it to the next level.

In this new release of Grand Theft Auto, gamers play the part of Niko Bellic, a Bosnian immigrant who fled the homeland after the horrific experiences in the war. What makes this GTA different from the others is the choices that players are given during missions. Gamers are given the chance to explore the more merciful, good Niko, or can also allow the more violent, brutal, war-veteran Niko to come forth. Additionally, Niko has his choice of the people with whom he spends his time. The choices you make seem to effect the outcome of the missions. How cool! There are other distinct differences, too, of course. In this release, for example, Niko can pick up objects off the ground and throw them, and when stealing parked cars Niko has to break in and hotwire them. I am sure there are numerous other additions, too, that I haven't yet discovered.

I can see that I'll be fully engulfed in this new game for the next few weeks. I'm already addicted. Great job Rockstar Games!!

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