Don't miss the Death Note live-action movie!

Oops! What the heck!? I almost missed this! Death Note the live-action movie, is playing in the U.S. for two days ONLY-- 20 and 21 May! That's today and tomorrow only! The film is directed by Kaneko Shusuke (金子 修介) and stars Fujiwara Tatsuya (藤原 竜也), Matsuyama Ken'ichi (松山 研一/松山 ケンイチ) and Toda Erika (戸田 恵梨香). This movie, based on one of the best manga/anime series of all time, was insanely popular in Japan and got some great ratings. I haven't actually decided yet whether I will go see the movie tomorrow night. I am right in the middle of watching the anime series, I am *completely* addicted to it, and I am afraid the movie might be a spoiler for me!

A complete list of all showings in the U.S. is here:

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