Death Note - Figures part 2

For part two I want to show you my L Lawliet (エル) figure. L is Yagami Light's (夜神 月) nemesis and is also one of the primary characters of the series. L is the only other character in Death Note (at least in the beginning) that is capable of the great level of genius that Light possesses. L's strength, however, is detective genius. So incredible are his skills of deduction and investigation that he's sought by crime-solving agencies throughout the world. His appearance is decidedly peculiar and on sloppy side, which offsets his astonishing talent. L is an extremely popular character with both Japanese and international audiences. Many of the female Death Note fans find L's disheveled appearance to be cute and charming.

This is another fine figure made by RAH (Real Action Heroes), and is probably the best-selling of RAH's Death Note figures. L's wearing genuine denim jeans and a cotton shirt, and his joints are fully-poseable like those of all RAH figures. I'm very glad I got this one!


Anonymous said...

Where can i buy it???

Brother Wormgear said...

Oh-- I think these are all sold out now, but I got mine from http://www.kidnemo.com