Chicago's growing Otaku Playground

Chicago's Clark Street area just north of Belmont seems to just keep getting kooler and kooler! This lively section of Lakeview East has been home to the landmark manga and comic headquarters Chicago Comics since 1991. Last year, the opening of A.Okay Official brought some West Coast urban flava to the area, as well as the promise of a new Otaku playground. The onset of spring has attracted two new business owners who are also getting in on the fun!

Galactic Force is a new network gaming lounge and collectible shop at 3240 N. Clark. I haven't been in this place yet, but they have high-end PCs with extra-large screens setup for interactive, online games such as Shadowrun, Halo 3 and Star Wars Empire at War. Collectible Star Wars and Halo 3 figures can also be seen lining their shelves and display cases. Looks like a kool place!

People Play Games opened just 2 weeks ago at 3264 1/2 N. Clark. This place is a very kool shop specialising in old skool games and game consoles! They have almost every classic console you remember, including all editions of our favourites from Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, NES/Famicom, Sony and Sega (yes-- even Sega Dreamcast). They even have some of the really rare and unusual systems like Vectrex, for example! All of the systems have been meticulously cleaned, reconditioned, tested and carefully boxed up for sale. There are tonnes of cartridges and CD-Roms to go with them, and the shop also offers the latest PS3 and XBOX 360 titles to satisfy next-gen gamers. Have an old game system you want to sell or have repaired? This is the place!

I definitely look forward to spending more time in the Lakeview East Clark Street area. I am so thankful to live just down the street from Chicago's up-and-coming Otakuland.

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