"Memories of Nobody" in US cinemas Wednesday and Thursday

"Memories of Nobody" is the feature-length anime film based on the awesome Shonen Jump manga/anime, Bleach. The movie first hit theatres in Japan back in December of 2006 and is now finally coming to U.S. theatres after being licensed by North American distributor Viz Media. The writer is actually Sogo Masashi, not Kubo Tite (久保 帯人), and is a completely separate story that's not part of the regular series. This is great for fans of the Bleach series who haven't yet gotten to the end of the story-- there's no need to worry about spoilers.

The film will have a very limited run-- Wednesday and Thursday only, so don't miss it! Details about the movie, as well as a list of theatres can be found on the Viz Media official movie website.

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