Major Kusanagi arrives!

Allow me to introduce Kusanagi Motoko (草薙 素子), the shrewd and skillful officer of the Public Safety Commission. We know her for her authoritative role as "The Major" in Shirō Masamune's (士郎 正宗) amazing cyberpunk manga / anime series, Ghost in the Shell (Kōkaku Kidōtai - 攻殻機動隊).

Major Kusanagi appears here, as she normally does on her missions with Chief Aramaki; her sexy cybernetic appearance rendered perfectly by Takahashi Tsuyoshi of Alter. I really like this figure a lot. I was thinking I might have some difficulty finding one since this is not one of Alter's newer creations, but there are still a few hanging around.

Whew! My collection is starting to grow rather sizeable!

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