Fiery Fiend Hunter

Meet Rachel (レイチェル), the powerful Fiend-hunter, comrade to Ryu Hayabusa (リュウ・ハヤブサ) and heroine of Ninja Gaiden. Here she stands ready to strike, equipped with her Warhammer and Blade of Ouroborus, always prepared to dispense with the evil Fiends of the Vigoor Empire. Although Rachel is on a mission of her own-- to find and destroy Alma, her twin-sister-turned-Fiend, she became a strong and helpful comrade to Master Ryu after meeting him on his journey.

Like Ayane and Ryu, Rachel came from Kotobukiya and is clearly another extremely well-designed and expertly crafted figure. She was rather difficult to locate, being so rare and highly sought-after. She is the third Ninja Gaiden figure in my collection, leaving just one more to find-- Ryu's close friend from his village, Kureha (呉葉)!

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