The next step in my career...

OK-- this September will mark my 8th year of employment at Trading Technologies (TT)! Today I had a meeting and got the news that on August 1st I will transfer to a new department and lead a new team of Quality Engineers!

I will be responsible for the Quality of TT's server products used for linking traders to the Singapore Exchange, Tokyo Commodities Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, Italian Derivatives Market, and the BrokerTec Bond Market. This is pretty big deal because the Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM) is currently a very high-profile project at TT. Everyone will be watching to see how well we succeed.

The guy who currently manages these projects is very excited to have me working for him, especially since he knows my present manager very well and hears a lot about my contributions. The idea is that once I have gotten everything in order and have proven my ability to run a tight ship, I will also take my place as a Manager. To start, I will have a team of 5 people, most of whom have been working here for less than a year. It will definitely be a lot of hard work, but should prove to be an exciting challenge as well!

So wish me luck! This is definitely the stepping stone to the next stage in my career!

As far as my relocation to Japan-- it's extremely likely to happen, but that will most likely be 12 to 24 months away, as far as I can tell.

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