Bird's new CD - out next week!

Bird (バード) has a new limited-edition, full-length album coming out this next Wednesday (06-Aug) on Universal Records called "My Love (初回限定盤)." It is her first cover-album and will feature cover songs of artists Yumi Matsutoya (松任谷 由実), KinKi Kids, Matsuda Seiko (松田聖子) and Magokoro Brothers. The CD will also contain an original bonus track-- a re-make of a track from her first album called "Beats."

Some of my readers might not know who Bird is. She is a very talented and innovative singer who was born in Kyoto on 09-Dec-1975 as Kitayama Yuki (北山有紀). Being strongly-influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and Janis Joplin, she started her career in the late 1990s as a jazz vocalist singing in the jazz clubs of Kyoto and Osaka. Her cool, soothing voice led to almost instant fame and success in the area, eventually leading to her being discovered by producer Osawa Shinichi. She was picked up as the lead singer for his group, "Japanese Sound Project," and released her first single, "Souls" in 1999 on the RealEyes label.

The following year, she released her first full-length album on Sony Music Japan, simply called "Bird" which sold over 700 thousand copies and won her the Japan Gold Record for newcomers. The news resulted in a nation-wide tour that completely sold out at every single venue. She quickly became Japan's biggest name in Jazz. Bird continued her career, releasing 9 albums and 18 singles, seamlessly fusing the genres of jazz, R&B, pop, latin music, reggae and house into a unique and exciting style all her own!

If you have never listened to Bird, and you are looking for something totally fresh and new, definitely check her out-- she never disappoints. Those of you who downloaded my JPop Dance Mix from dannychoo.com had the pleasure of hearing the now rare Rascal Remix of her hit song, Mind Travel (マインドトラベル). Please enjoy the video below of the original, album version of this song.

Bird's Website
Bird's Blog


Eric said...

Nice video, I'm checking out your music blog posts today...

Besides your Shiina Ringo stuff (I'm already a huge fan), this song interested me the most. The start reminded me a bit of Miyavi, so check these out:


Brother Wormgear said...

Wow! 雅-miyavi- is kool! He's got some really strong skills as a guitar player, doesn't he? Very interesting and unique style I would say. I'm glad you posted these links in your comment. Thanks Eric!