My Mirei-san!

Konnichiwa readers! I haven't had very much time for updating my Blog recently since making wedding plans has been taking up all of my free time. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

You probably remember my heartbreaking experience one month ago in which I purchased an "Art of Shunya Yamashita Mirei-san" figure from an eBay seller in Hong Kong, only to realise that I had purchased a fake rip-off. It was the first time that I had this horrible experience and I will always remember it.

In the meantime, I managed to find the real Kotobukiya figure and ordered her from toyarena, a reliable seller on Amazon.com. Here she is! Let's celebrate! It should be obvious to see why I like her so much. I think my fiancee is actually a little bit jealous, but at the same time, there can be no denying that Mirei-san is a truly great part of my collection. Shunya Yamashita (山下しゅんや) is a wonderful artist and who doesn't love a wonderfully moe figure like Mirei!?

Thank you again, readers, for your kind compassion and thank you, Danny Choo! I'm happy now. :-)

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