Death Note-- the conclusion

This past Saturday night, the final episode of Death Note aired on Adult Swim. Since I had not been paying attention to the schedule, I didn't realise the end was so near. I wanted to believe that the story was simply starting to take new turn and develop into a new plot scheme. I was shocked when I saw the ending and I must say that the way the story ended left me feeling both relieved and also sad. That being said, there can be no argument that the story finished in the most appropriate way-- Ryuk (リューク), the shinigami who started the whole story, ended the story. The conclusion provided a fantastic sense of closure, leaving nothing open-ended.

The fantastic story aside, I am still left with a feeling of emptiness. I fully understand, now, how obsessed with Death Note I really am! For the past year, I have spent Sunday through Friday looking forward to the next episode, very anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. I wonder-- what will I do now? It's certainly NOT the case that I do not enjoy the other anime that I currently watch every Saturday-- I am on the 8th episode of Code Geass and I am really into it. Death Note really is my most favourite story ever, though, and I will really miss it. I think I will have to go back to the manga and finish reading it. Maybe I can finally see the movie without being concerned about spoilers.

As of yet, it looks like Adult Swim doesn't have anything to fill Death Note's time slot, so they are going back to an earlier episode from the middle of the story. Strange, but that's typical for Adult Swim. It's better than them playing more episodes of that idiotic show, Frisky Dingo or something worse like Harvey Birdman.

Oba Tsugumi (大場 つぐみ) and Obata Takeshi (小畑 健 )-- you are *awesome*! Well done, and thank you. Domo arigatō gozaimasu!

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