Wormgear's Anime Pick - Kino's Journey

I just recently started watching the series, キノの旅 (Kino no Tabi / "Kino's Journey") after my wife picked it up randomly during our shopping spree at the recent Best Buy 50% off anime sale. Since neither of us had ever heard of the series before, we had no idea what to expect. Much to our surprise and excitement, Kino no Tabi is spectacular.

The focus is upon a young traveler named Kino キノ and her companion, a talking motorcycle named エルメス Hermes. Visually, the anime is quite stunning with wonderful artwork and outstanding colour. The stories come to life through the duo's dedication to a life of exploration in which they move from country to country learning what they can of the new lands they encounter and the people and cultures within them. Each visit is based on the principle that the two must stay just long enough to give meaning to their stay but also just short enough that they have no chance of becoming involved with the individual countrymen and their ways.

For viewers of Kino no Tabi, the magic begins almost immediately when we easily become involved with the lives of Kino and Hermes and share with them the experiences of each new country they visit. Each episode is somewhat of a complete story that can stand alone but which obviously exists as an element of the greater theme of the series. Each story is abundant with rich visual and cerebral imagery that paints a complex, insightful perspective on humanity. The interaction of Kino and Hermes with the world around them is a microcosmic portrayal of the vivid beauty, excitement and delight that life brings to us, as well as the dark and sometimes frightening tragedy, brutality and loneliness that inevitably ensues. The traveler's tales of Kino and Hermes are fantastic illustrations of the human condition that are both absorbing and humbling.

The anime is based on 時雨沢恵一 (Shigusawa Keiichi)'s manga of the same name, is produced under the direction of 中村 隆太郎 (Nakamura Ryūtarō) by studios A.C.G.T and Genco, and was originally run in Japan during 2003. With a total of only 13 episodes and a short-story format, this might be a great choice for readers who lack the time to devote to regular viewing. Kino's Journey has something very special that gives heart and soul to the story. Highly Recommended!


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Brother Wormgear said...

Hello generic viagra! I love your ID name! Haha! Thank you for visiting and writing your kind comments. I'm sorry that I haven't taken the time to write new posts lately. If you have a chance to watch Kino's Journey, I hope you enjoy it-- it's one of my very favourites. Let's keep enjoying more anime!

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This sounds like a great series!

Elliott Broidy said...

fantastic stuff.