Onimusha on the silver screen!?

What is THIS? A movie is going to be made, based on one of my top favourite video game series of all time-- Onimusha? This is crazy! My initial reaction is one of both excitement and wariness. I mean-- an Onimusha MOVIE?? That is *awesome* but... can it really be good? It seems I am a little late with this "breaking story" as there has been talk of this for nearly two years already! Somehow, I completely missed it and just now found out about it for the first time.

The movie will be directed by Chrisophe Gans, who also directed the film-adaptation of Silent Hill. It has also been said that Gans has managed to cast Kaneshiro Takeshi-- the actor who was both the inspiration and voice actor for the Onimusha series' lead character - Samanosuke. The film was originally supposed to hit theatres at the end of this year, but doesn't it seem odd that there hasn't been more information available about it if that's that case? Well, other sites on the web seem to have new information that the film has been delayed until 2011. Other sites have claimed that production of the film is on indefinite hold. Damn... What's going on, I wonder?

If anyone has heard any concrete information about this, I would really appreciate some comments!

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