Chicago Music Scene: Lady Sovereign!

Coming straight from North London to the Metro Chicago on Thursday, 14-May at 20:00-- UK Grime artist Lady Sovereign! Opening for the S.O.V. are Chester French and local boy Hollywood Holt.

Lady Sovereign released her first full-length, "Vertically Challenged," in November of 2005, and in October 2006 she followed up with a second release entitled "Public Warning." In the meantime she created a slew of other singles and EPs as well, forming a growing list of outstanding accomplishments, not to mention establishing herself as a respected artist in the black-dominated UK Grime scene and becoming the first ever non-American female to be signed with US powerhouse hip-hop label DefJam. Finally, just yesterday (07-Apr-09) the long-awaited full-length "Jigsaw," released on her own label "Midget Records," hit record stores everywhere.

This show is gonna be shiznit y'all so come on out and check it. For reals.

Her official website is http://www.ladysovereign.com
For some SOV sounds, check her out on Last.fm.
She is also on MySpace.

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Louis said...

The "Jigsaw Mixtape" is crazy! I'm so glad to see her come back so strong. I think the deal with DefJam sent her in a tailspin trying to keep everyone happy. I have been a fan of her since I first heard her on a track with Shystie and a few others.