Wormgear's Late Anime Pick

If you weren't paying attention like me, you may have missed a really exciting and well-made anime series last year called Black Lagoon (ブラックラグーン). Created by Hiroe Rei (広江 礼威), the series was first exposed to the public at the 2006 Tokyo International Anime Fair and was aired on networks across Japan a few months later, eventually inspiring the local fans to purchase over 3 million copies. In 2007, the English-language translations started making their way to the States.

The stories are creative, well written, and rich with action-packed, often violent gun-blazing adventures intertwined with exciting sub-plots and complex character-development. At the focus of the series is the Lagoon Company, a rogue group of half-pirate, half-mercenary social misfits based in Thailand who operate primarily from their PT boat. The group's primary objective is survival, which is facilitated by meeting the business needs of dangerous clients and drawing upon the support of shady contacts. The Lagoon Company has four members: Dutch, Bennie, Revy and Rock. Their very diverse backgrounds provide each with something unique to contribute to their missions and different ways to learn from each other.

This amazing anime series has been a fantastic new discovery for me, and I highly recommend this extremely kool first-season 3-DVD set. Fans of my favourite series, Death Note, may also appreciate the fact that Rock's character is played by the English-language voice actor Brad Swaile, who is also the voice of Yagami Light. Black Lagoon is available from Geneon in both English and Japanese with subtitles-- check it out!!

The Black Lagoon official website is here: http://www.blacklagooncompany.com

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