Hollywood is totally LAME!

Hollywood is officially OUT of new ideas, aside from those that are very stupid or else tired and played-out. So where do Hollywood producers turn when they need to make money? The land of true innovation and creativity, of course, Japan. Here are two examples of what's coming down the Hollywood sewer-pipe:

A live-action interpretation of Ôtomo Katsuhiro's 1988 Anime CLASSIC of the same name, based on the amazing and very popular manga, Akira (アキラ). This new movie, produced Leonardo DiCaprio (*ugh*), will be set in "New Manhattan" and has lame-ass TV actor Joseph Gordon Levitt cast to play the part of Tetsuo! Ewwww. What a waste. Sorry-- I wish this were an April Fool's Day joke but sadly, it's not.

Speed Racer
Another live-action rip-off of a classic anime series-- Mahha GoGoGo ("Speed Racer" in the west) created in the 1960s by anime founding father Yoshida Tatsuo. This piece of crap "movie" also casts boring TV actors to play the main characters: Emile Hirsch as Mifune Gō ("Speed Racer") and Matthew Fox as Fukumen Racer ("Racer X"). Then there's Christina Ricci. I don't really have a problem with her, per se, but I certainly do not think she is a good choice for playing the part of Michi ("Trixie").

What a sorry-ass state of affairs for a city that at one time set the standard for film production world-wide. Pure garbage.

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