Once your heart is pre-occupied, your sword will not be true.

Alright!! I got 'em! If you have been following along, I'm on a quest to obtain all of the kick-ass figures from my favourite manga, Vagabond. This isn't exactly a simple task since all of these figures, made by Fewture, are discontinued and now quite rare.

I managed to get my hands on Shinmen Takezo and refined spearman / buddhist monk, Inshun! Takezō, of course, is the birth name of our hero Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) before he started to make a name for himself. Here's Takezō, in the middle of his life-changing battle with Inshun, disciple of Master Hōzōin In'ei (宝蔵院 胤栄) of the Hōzōin Temple. This is the second duel between Takezō and Inshun that amounts to a major life-learning experience for Takezō in which he learns a great deal about himself and what it means to embrace fear. This duel also marks the first time Inshun steps ahead from the pure mechanics and technique of spearmanship and commits to putting his life on the line during battle. This amazing duel marks a turning-point in Takezō's life and in the Vagabond series, as well, that ultimately provides Takezō with experience necessary to learn the meaning of his mushashugyō (warrior's journey). Takezō wields his trademark wooden practice sword; Inshun, with Takezō's permission, uses the Hōzōin cross spear.

These figures are another masterful work of art by Fewture and I am very glad I could find them. As far as I know-- there is only one left in the series-- Master Hōzōin In'ei (宝蔵院 胤栄). Wish me luck!

Finally, let me just say that it is a great relief for me to return to writing posts about the things that I love instead of those that I hate. I never intended for my Blog to focus on stuff that pisses me off, but Follywood was on a real roll for a little while and I was extremely annoyed. Unfortunately, I doubt this is the last thing I'll have to say about it.

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