Hollywood is seriously starting to piss me off!!!

For F%*K SAKE! I wish I could say that there is no way for the situation to get any worse, but sadly-- it gets much MUCH worse. Harvey Weinstein has evidently started smoking f%*king CRACK or something, which is rotting his brain and has led him to believe that it's a good idea to create a re-make of one of the GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME-- Kurosawa Akira's (旧字体) enlightening, awe-inspiring, film *masterpiece*, Shichinin no Samurai (The Seven Samurai).

This is one of the stupidest ideas I have EVER heard, and that is saying a LOT considering I live in a country that has had George Bush as president for the last 8 years. I don't see how the man who produced The Lord of the Rings movies, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko (among many other great films) could possibly do this (it has to be crack).

What adds insult to injury is that this re-make will be starring Hong Kong actors Donnie Yen and Ziyi Zhang along with Hollywood big-screen jerk-wad George Clooney. Please excuse me while I go vomit in terror and then burst into tears of sorrow.

I hate you, Hollywood-- go f%*k off and find your own goddamn ideas!

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