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In honour of his birthday (tomorrow), I'd like to pay homage to one of the most promising and talented electronic music artists of this millennium-- Chicago's very own PHONAUT!

Phonaut is a downtempo, ambient, ethnotronic DJ and producer with experience spanning more than a decade. The Phonaut's performances on Chicago radio station WNUR 89.3 FM (Streetbeat, Radioaktivities, Semutamusic) and affiliations with Atmoworks Records have built a solid foundation for his emergence as a truly innovative and cutting-edge artist.

Also known around Chicago and the World as no@h, Semutanine and DJ WideScreeen, he is highly-regarded for his work as the official webmaster for Tetsu Inoue (FAX, Instinct Records, Tzadik, Daisy World, Rather Interesting, Caipirinha) as well as numerous art-installations and field recordings everywhere. He is bound to change the face of electronic music forever, so I recommend getting yourself ready for the future by acquainting yourself with his unique soundstylings now. Logon to www.phonaut.com to subscribe to his Podcast and read up on what he's been doing.

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