I'm hatin' it!

WTF McDonald's!? Can you please shut the hell up?

I recently saw this McDonald's advertisement, and it seemed absolutely absurd. I decided to check out the company website to see if I could find out what their angle is. Once I got there, I found something else that I found much more irritating. I went to a part of the website called "havin fun." Immediately, two links caught my attention-- one that said "365 Black" and another that said, "I am asian." "What is this, now?" I thought. The "I am asian" link took me to a view of a small apartment that was decorated with lots of "asian" decor with different mouse-over actions for different parts of the room. Origami cranes, a neon light fashioned to look like bubble tea, a chinese paper lantern, an XBOX controller and of course a McDonald's take-out bag sitting on the coffee table. The coup de grâce is a keyboard that plays different music when you click different parts of the keys. What does it play? Variations of the McDonald's theme song with "asian" instruments and rhythms of course! Is this what it means to be Asian? Hmmm? What the fuck? Others like the "365 Black" link advertise how McDonald's is "deeply rooted in the community" and the "MeEncanta" ("I'm lovin' it" in spanish) link that features a costumed mexican wrestler and a pair of fuzzy dice for your car, talking about "mi lado latino."

What a bunch a dumbass shit! What is McDonald's trying to do here, exactly?? Are we to infer that minorities love McDonald's, that McDonald's is down with the hood, that McDonald's shares the centuries-old bonds of culture with Asian people everywhere because they have link that says 2007 is the year of the pig? OK so February is Black History Month and is also the start of the lunar new year-- AND?? What the hell? Jesus Christ, people, wake up! Isn't it enough that this company builds their damned food holes and pushes their marketing on the local populations in every country all over the planet? Apparently not, huh?

Finally, the reason I went to this shitty company's website in the first place-- the advertisement above. What!? Are you SERIOUS? Honestly, this is just some stupid advertising. Not only that, but believe me, if I wanted to have sex with a hamburger, I certainly wouldn't choose a nasty, slutty, disease-ridden sandwich from McDonald's!!! Fuck you, McDonald's! You suck!

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rinko said...

I really do fucking hate people here in this country.
If you don't know anything about "Asian,"
then shut the fuck up and stop fucking pretending
that you know something about it.
Not knowing about something and admitting it
is beautiful.
I hope these people with fucking white mentality
will rot in hell.
Or I will personally shove their "Oriental"
chicken salad up in their asses, so that hard,
crispy chow-mein noodles would scratch the
hell out of their white assholes 'til they bleed!!!!

Rage (*heart and hugs*)