Koolest new choonz

OK! ok. So this is not exactly new. I admit it. Still, however, I can't seem to stop listening to this music, nor can I seem to say enough about it! I'm talking about the anonymous South London master of post-Jungle breakbeat Dubstep, Burial! After signing with Kode9's Hyperdub records, he gave our ears their first taste of his unique and innovative sounds back in March of 2005 with the ground-breaking South London Boroughs EP.

A year later, he released the melancholy, self-titled full-length, 'Burial,' thus making an important, lasting change to the face of the world's soundscape. In my humble opinion 'Burial' is, in some ways, the crowning glory of the whole breakbeat movement that started back in the early 90s.

After giving us more brilliant releases like the "Distant Lights" and "Ghost Hardware" EPs, Burial came back to us again this past November with another full-length called 'Untrue,' this time delivering a fresh, new, bittersweet and eerily-soulful dubstep sound that once again pushes the limits of innovation and creativity, challenging the very fabric of his genre.

Seriously I cannot get enough of this music and there is little else in the way of new releases that has a sound like this. Do your ears a favour an check this out! There are two tracks available for public download-- get 'em right here!

Blackdown “Crackle Blues (Burial remix)"
Bloc Party - Where is Home? (Burial remix)

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