Asahina Mikuru Goth-Punk

I am so happy to announce another new edition to the family-- another member of 涼宮ハルヒの (Suzumiya Haruhi's) S.O.S. Brigade! Charming and beloved time-traveler 朝比奈 みくる (Asahina Mikuru) has arrived wearing her goth punk outfit, making goth punk moe like no one ever has before. Of course, Mikuru-chan looks super cute regardless of what she wears!

She came from the future to investigate a huge time-rift that happened several years ago, that Suzumiya Haruhi created without realising it. I'm terribly curious about her experiences traveling through time, and also about her in-depth knowledge of science, but she always just tells me "きんそくじこうです" (it's classified). In any case, I'm happy she decided to stay in our time period for now.

Mikuru-chan was escorted here by the team of Griffon Enterprises and sculptor 山本雅弘 (Yamamoto Masahiro), the same duo who also invited Haruhi and Nagato Yuki to join us and dressed them up in their cute Goth/Lolita attire. We have seen quite a few beauties coming from Griffon these days and they seem to just keep on coming! Much like her friends Haruhi and Yuki, Mikuru-chan looks incredible and it's clear that considerable care and effort went into her outfit, accessories and hair; her overall appearance is absolutely jaw-dropping. I think I'm very luck that she's here!


Snark said...

Huh, never even knew about this version of Mikuru before O.o

I must say though, she looks superbly detailed

Brother Wormgear said...

Hello Snark! Yes she's dreamy! Unfortunately she's already sold out almost everywhere. I found one on eBay, but the price is so high now!