Loli Nagato Yuki

Today's featured beauty is 長門有希 (Nagato Yuki), fellow member of the S.O.S. Brigade and companion/protector of 涼宮ハルヒ (Suzumiya Haruhi). Yuki-chan is an artificial human with supernatural powers and is the only actual member of the their school's Literary Club, which of course was hi-jacked by Haruhi in order to obtain a club room and headquarters for the S.O.S. Brigade. Yuki's role on planet Earth is to observe Haruhi and gather information about the evolution of humankind and our potential for autonomy. Now she's here observing my wife and I as well!

Yuki's looking so cute wearing her lolita outfit, complete with her ruffled dress and a teddy bear in her purse. She's here thanks to the craftsmen at Griffon Enterprises and the talent of sculptor 山本雅弘 (Yamamoto Masahiro) who's work also brought us Haruhi herself in her gothloli attire. Masahiro is giving us a rare chance to see Yuki-chan wearing something other than her school uniform which is what she's wearing most of the time when we see her. She is another win for Griffon and Yamamoto-san because of the impressive attention to detail and fine workmanship that went into creating her. IMHO, the craftsmanship of this figure is even better than that of her friend Haruhi in that there are no noticeable production flaws of any kind and the overall impact of her design is simply stunning. I hereby welcome Nagato Yuki as another cherished addition to the family. ^^

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