Black Lagoon The Second Barrage, Episode One

My regular readers might remember how much loved watching Black Lagoon (ブラックラグーン) earlier this year; mainly because it's amazing! Finally, Black Lagoon The Second Barrage (season 2) was released in the US! I picked up the volume 1 DVD over the weekend and watched episode 1. I'm a little bit late again, though-- volume 2 was released 20 days ago. After seeing how The Second Barrage started out, I am really excited about season 2 of this series! It looks like it's going to every bit as exciting and spellbinding as the first season. The Black Lagoon Committee did it again! Excellent! I would highly recommend adding these awesome DVDs to your collection while you can, they are well worth the purchase; and I expect they will become rare before too long.

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