Now I know for sure- Adult Swim SUCKS!

Adult Swim has royally screwed the Saturday Night anime schedule AGAIN. Starting tomorrow, Crayon Shin-chan is off the air, and Full Metal Alchemist will come back on after nearly a year of being cancelled. My TOP FAVOURITES, Code Geass and Serei no Moribito will be aired at 05:00 - 06:00! What the HELL!? Who knows even which episode of Full Metal they will show; probably they will just start from some random point in the middle of the series as usual. I seriously hate Adult Swim now. There is no way I am willing to go on dealing with their continuous schedule-changes and series cancellations. I am done. Adult Swim-- seriously, you guys f%#&ing suck!

Honestly, I would MUCH rather blow loads of cash buying the DVD sets for all of my favourite anime series than give one more second of my time to Adult Swim's crappy broadcasts. I absolutely do not care what they do any more and I won't watch ever again.

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