More Code Geass figures!

These are the Sutherland (サザーランド) Knightmare frames; standard issue for the Britannian Military. These mechs feature agile mobility, sophisticated cockpit life support systems, stun guns, tonfas and an assault rifle. Early on in the Code Ceass (コードギアス) story, these knightmare frames were commandeered by Lelouch Lamperouge (ルルーシュ・ランペルージ) (as "Zero") and the Black Knights after Prince Clovis of Britannia (クロヴィス・ラ・ブリタニア) ordered the destruction of the "Shinjuku Ghetto."

The Black Knights successfully used the stolen Sutherlands to destroy an entire unit of knightmare frames piloted by the enemy Britannians. All of these Black-Knight-piloted Sutherland Knightmare Frames were then destroyed by Lelouch's friend, Honourary Britannian Kururugi Suzaku (枢木 スザク). This battle, commonly referred to as "Shinjuku," was extremely important to the development of the Code Geass story since two essential storylines developed here-- the introduction of C.C. (シー・ツー), leading to Lelouch's Geass power, and the murder of Prince Clovis by his brother Lelouch Lamperouge.

These particular Sutherlands are replicas made by Bandai; I got them about 2 months ago and just realised I never posted them here. I think they're pretty cool! I hope to add many more Knightmare Frames to my collection. Unfortunately I'm nearly broke from planning and funding my upcoming wedding, and I've had to commit to temporarily diverting all funds away from my hobbies. :( This will come to an end as soon as I arrive in the motherland this October, prolly right around the time I exit the Tsukuba Express at Akihabara station. :)

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