Just Married!

I hope my readers will forgive me for neglecting my Blog for so long. I have just been so extremely busy and exhausted every minute of every day for the past month. Preparing for a wedding is a very tiring task indeed! But now that it's over, I can definitely say it was worth all the effort and planning. My new wife and I are so happy, we had so much fun, and all of our friends and family can't stop telling us about how much they enjoyed our events and festivities.

There are so many people who spend a year or more planning their wedding and spend many, many tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Our wedding was a first class success, however, and required only slightly more than two months of planning and had a fairly reasonable budget! What my wife and I learned is that weddings are really all about the people who are included. Since our focus was not on displaying a huge spectacle of a show, but instead primarily on making everything nice for our guests, everyone who attended had a really nice time and was really happy; this, of course, made us really happy. Looking back on it, there is nothing at all that we'd have done differently. I think it's very rare to have the confidence enough to believe this.

So thank you all for being patient with me! I now have enough free time to go back to blogging about our favourite interests, and I can go back to all of my activities that provide the content you like to read! Thanks for continuing to support my meager monologues, I do appreciate each and every one of you! どうもありがとうございます!

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Panther said...

Congratulations! You married a Japanese wife at that. >_<