Ukon No Chikara - Japan's incredible hangover cure

ウコンの力 (Ukon No Chikara / "The Power of Ukon") is a great power indeed and I have great faith in it. I was vacationing and working in Japan throughout June and the beginning of July this year. The night before returning to the U.S., I was out all night eating and drinking too much with some business associates. When I awoke the next morning in my Tokyo business hotel, I had to leave for the airport immediately after breakfast feeling absolutely *awful* and quite sick. Carrying my luggage around made it even worse. Before catching a cab to Ueno Station, I stopped at 7-11, bought 1 bottle of ウコンの力, and drank it down (the taste is neither good nor bad...kinda sweet). I was SHOCKED! By the time I arrived at Ueno Station 15-20 minutes later, I was already feeling 90% better! The only remaining symptom that lingered when I reached Narita Airport was a very mild headache which I knocked out with a couple of EVE A (150 mg ibuprofen pills). 15 minutes after that I felt like I never even had the hangover at all!

This is some amazing stuff! It *REALLY* works. I wish it was available in the U.S., although without the threat of a hangover I would probably be willing to get drunk more often. Perhaps the lack of availability is not such a bad thing.

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