Feature Foto #5

Today's feature photo is this picture of the many Ojizo-sama statues at Kaikōzan Jishōin Hase-dera (海光山慈照院長谷寺), known simply as Hasedera ("Hase Temple") in Hase, Kamakura. Many folks think these little statues are cute and charming, and they are, but in fact the symbolism behind them makes their presence a bit sad and tragic. Ojizo-sama is the buddhist god who guards the souls of children who have died before their parents, especially those who were miscarried, still-born or aborted. On a brighter note, Ojizo-sama is also honoured when children survive life threaten illnesses. The fact that we see SO many here (and this only a small portion of the numerous statues honoured here) is a sobering reminder of how many families have endured this kind of tragedy.

If you have Google Earth, download Hasedera's place marker.

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