Feature Foto #4

Tonight my feature photo is Sensō-ji (淺草寺), located in Tokyo's (東京) Asakusa (淺草) neighbourhood. My regular readers might remember that I wrote about Sensō-ji last autumn when I was in Japan. A few of you might also know that this is where I proposed to my wife in 2007! Sensō-ji has two religious sites-- a Buddhist Temple and a Shinto Shrine. The Buddhist temple was built in devotion to Kannon, and was first constructed in 628 A.D. making it Tokyo's oldest temple.

Sensō-ji is one of my most cherished sites on Earth and I usually like to begin every visit to Tokyo by going there. The grounds surrounding the buildings are just beautiful and are surrounded by the most enjoyable and down-to-earth shops, cafes, restaurants and people. I honestly don't mind just hanging around there all day long.

If you have Google Earth, download Sensō-ji's place marker.

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