Feature Foto #3

Photo #3 features this shot of Daibutsu (大仏), or the "Great Buddha of Kōtoku-in" (高徳院), in Hase, Kamakura. This beautiful statue of Amita-Buddha was cast in the year 1252. The statue has stood strong during several natural disasters, including a tidal wave and several earthquakes, even when the surrounding areas and temple structures were destroyed or severely damaged. Daibutsu stands about 13 1/2 m high, is nearly 10 m wide and weighs 121 tonnes despite having a hollow center!

The site of The Great Buddha is filled with peace, calmness and serenity despite drawing hundreds of visitors daily. I, personally, would be content sitting near him all day long, taking in the meditative surroundings, as well as the beauty of the city of Hase.

If you have Google Earth, download Daibutsu's place marker.

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