Aira Mitsuki

Aira Mitsuki (アイラミツキ) is a Techno-pop singer from Saitama, born on 21-Sep-1988. In 2007 she signed up to audition for Mega Trance and came out the winner! Soon afterwards she performed at an MTV event promoting the Transformers film and then released her first single, “Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9,” which features the track being used as the official theme song of the "Transformers Café" in Roppongi, which is based on the movie. That first single was quickly followed by two more-- "China Discotech" and "Darling Wondering Staring / Star Fruits Surf Rider." Then, about one year after the release of her first single, she released her first full-length release, "COPY," on D-topia.

Aira Mitsuki is typically compared to Perfume and Capsule and certainly one cannot argue that her sound is similar, especially since she's working with producer Terukado Oonishi. Her music has sci-fi and technology as common themes and her heavily-vocoded vocals complete the robotic, bit-pop sound. Unlike the aforementioned pop stars, Aira Mitsuki does bring something unique to her fans-- her music dips much more heavily into the techno and techno-trance genres. Because of this, her tracks are perfect for DJ mixologists and remix artists, or anyone who wants to blow up the dance floor.

On 29-Oct-2008, Aira Mitsuki's second major single, "Robot Honey" was released, also on the D-topia label. This release is a real treat-- with high-energy beats and more of her trademark cute-yet-robotic vocals. The sounds on this CD are at times reminiscent of recent Daft Punk releases and also remind listeners of Tei Towa's danceable collaborations with mega-pop stars. While I can't honestly say that every track is a work of art, this CD is wonderful and is a great production that showcases Aira's talent beautifully. It seems to me that Aira Mitsuki may be at the start of a really exciting music career, as long as she can manage to keep her sound fresh with the infusion of new sounds and musical innovation. In the meantime, go out and treat yourself to a copy of "Robot Honey," It's totally fun!

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