Return of the God of Death

I was so very pleased with the Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) figure I showed you on 13-Mar-08 (waiting the background, above) that I decided I MUST have the whole Vagabond collection (please wish me luck-- all of these figures by Fewture are now discontinued)! Here is Shishido Baiken -- the legendary master of the kusarigama (鎖鎌, chain and sickle), who was defeated in a fierce battle when his fingers were sliced off by Musashi.

Baiken is in reality, of course, Tsujikaze Kōhei. Musashi crosses paths with Kōhei early on in his mushashugyō (warrior's journey) during Kōhei's quest for deadly revenge against his vile older brother, Tenma.

Baiken is shown here with all of his fingers intact, ready for his fight with the renowned swordsman. The fight began when Musashi requested a demonstration of the kusarigama. Baiken agreed to the "demonstration," but warned that he was unable to wield the kusarigama without using deadly force. This figure is SO F*%KING cool! I am so happy I was able to find it. Special thanks to the Cosmic-King's eBay store for making this possible.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE VAGABOND TOO! I really wish to get everything of Vagabond! Love your figures. Do you have the whole set now? Also, how much if you don't mind for the figures did you pay for?

Brother Wormgear said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting and for your kind words! There is one more figure in this set - Hozoin In'ei. I cannot find him anywhere! (ToT)

These are actually not so expensive-- most of them were under $30 USD!