Badass Bloggers

This is the end of an era. The time of mainstream, corporate media calling all the shots and telling us how we should think and feel about the world is passing, giving rise and influence to an information source that was once considered underground. I'm talking, of course, about the Bloggers and other publicly-private internet media sources. During the evolution of this "information age," there has been a transformation toward a new age of knowledge and free-information-sharing. This new age is very empowering for individuals who most often share a common perspective with other individuals who probably don't get what the want from Rupert Murdoch's giants.

We no longer need to bother with the globalised, tainted news-pushers serving to uphold the agendas of the mega-corporations that fund them. Instead we can go straight to the PEOPLE themselves-- isn't this where news comes from anyway? Big UPs to some of the koolest and most influential bloggers out there; thanks for inspiring me to start my own! Check these guys out!!


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