And the winner is... Blu-ray!!!!

Toshiba has announced today that all production and product development for HD-DVD will now be discontinued making Blu-ray the official Next Generation DVD format. Backed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Philips, the Sony Hi-Def format has been gaining ground in the U.S. recently when Mega-corportation Walmart announced that their discount retail stores would no longer sell HD-DVD, and when Time Warner Inc. moved all production of Warner Bros. programming to the Blu-ray format. Other Newsmedia and Entertainment Corporations backing Sony Blu-ray are 20th Century Fox, Disney and Lion's Gate.

The new question to be answered is-- what will this mean for the more important and blodthirsty battle between Sony Playstation 3 (Blu-ray) and Microsoft Xbox (HD-DVD)? It should be extremely exciting to see what will play out next, now that Sony's Next Generation format has prevailed.

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