My new CR-Z!

On April 19th bought my first brand new car. A 2011 Honda CR-Z! Since I had no real plans to buy a car this came as somewhat of a surprise. Seeing as my 2002 Accord, Tomo-chan, was having continual problems, however, each of which led to very costly repairs, this seemed like the right thing to do. My new CR-Z, which as of yet has no name, is fully-loaded and is really, really kool and fun to drive. Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled. Still, saying goodbye to Tomoko-chan was a very sad moment for me. To be honest I cried a little. I will miss her.

Two days after buying my new car, I learned that Tomo-chan already has a buyer! Knowing that she won't be lonely makes me feel very happy. Hopefully her new owner will be able to complete the repairs she needs, and take good care of her.

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Allan Stec said...

Congratulations! That's a nice CR-Z you got there. I'm kinda envious that you got yourself a new car. It'll take a whole month for me to get a new one, since my current savings is not enough to warrant me a new one.