Family's safety confirmed!!

The past few days have been absolutely horrifying and the final outcome of this catastrophe is still unclear. In the midst of all the concern and fear, my wife and I received a bit of very happy news in the form of a photo of my mother- and father-in-law. The photo was taken by my wife's highschool friend who made the long and potentially dangerous drive from Tokyo to their hometown in suburban Sendai. The photo shows our teary-eyed Mom & Dad smiling, happy and safe, and it's easily the most beautiful photo I've ever seen. My personal thanks go to all who kindly offered their words of concern and support.

The image on the left is a photo of Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture-- a place where I was able to spend a wonderful time with my wife and Mother- and Father-in-law. Hopefully the sun will rise once again over this gorgeous landscape and the treasures that surround it.

Photo courtesy of RadioSioz. < どうもありがとございます。

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