I just discovered this band a couple of weeks ago. They aren't new but I've only just heard of them and I'm already really into their music. These guys are really kool and have a great melocore punk sound! I've heard of people comparing them to Ellegarden; I think their instrumentation is similar to that of Ken Yokoyama while their vocals seem to have the energy and power of the Stance Punks (although with a really different and unique sound).

Three weeks ago I picked up their latest CD, "Blooming Harvest." Most of the tracks on this release are full of energy and drive while there are a couple of others that balance out the CD with some real emotion and feeling at a slower tempo. In general the songs on this release are of the melocore genre, but some overlap into pop-punk and there's one that even has a heavy metal influence. This is an excellent CD -- I highly recommend it to all JRock and/or JPunk fans. It's well worth it. The CD is out now on Machine Records (a subdivision of Flying High Records, Japan).

Dustbox official website

Video for Spacewalk - from Blooming Harvest

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